Apple Store Just Got Samsunged! [PICS]

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Some stories that you hear about make you wonder if they can actually be true. This was the case recently when a story made its way onto the internet in relation to Apple and Samsung.

Apple Store gets Samsunged

Everyone knows that Apple and Samsung are at logger heads in disputes in court, so what are the chances of someone with the name Sam Sung working for Apple?

This story has been seen online and is about an Apple business card which shows the name of the employee as being Sam Sung (picture below). This employee is said to work in an Apple Store in Canada. Many people who saw this photo took it to be a photoshopped, as what are the odds on that happening?

However in fact the photo is the real deal and there is a Sam Sung working for Apple. One of the editors of the Huffington Post decided to see for themselves whether such a person existed and walked into the Apple store in Vancouver and met Sam Sung in person. Here impressions were that he was a very nice man. So it seems that Apple doesn’t mind getting “Samsunged” despite what you hear in the press about disputes.

Apple Store employee business card

Apple Store employee business card

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