Apple Store Sells Its First Android Device!

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Well we never thought this day would come. The Apple Store now has listed its first Android device for sale by the way of the Oakley Airwaves Goggles. So what exactly is this product?

Apple Store sells Android powered Airwave Goggles

According to the Apple Store, the Oakley Airwaves Goggles is a wearable display that features Bluetooth, GPS and a whole host of sensors which provide the wearer with access to a wide world of information.

The goggles are said to be a revolutionary design which allows you to see jump analytics including airtime, distance and height and there are numerous preloaded maps for many resorts. This means that you can track others in the group and find your location. Other information includes altitude, temperature, velocity and data relating to the vertical decent. With the Bluetooth connection you can pair the goggles with an iPhone and see your text messages and incoming calls, along with being in total control over your iPhones playlist.

The Airwave Goggles are said to be an eye opening experience and this is thanks to the prism technology used in their design. There is open and clear vision that leaves you with an unobstructed view and without any distractions while you are on the move. When you stop you can review performance by simply moving your eye in the direction of the prism lens. There is no need to refocus the eye as all information is displayed as if you are looking at the display of 35.5 cm from a distance of 1.5 meters.

While it isn’t mentioned anywhere, the $599 Oakley Airwaves Goggles is powered by Android. Check it out in action below.

Source: Apple Store

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