Apple Sheds Light On Mac Desktop Plans

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Apple doesn’t want desktop Mac fans to worry and to put their fears to rest they have shed some light on future plans.

The CEO of Apple talked about the many benefits that desktop computers have over laptops, with the most obvious of these being the bigger display, storage and memory. The iMac on the market at the moment is one of the best that has come from Apple thanks to the stunning 5k Retina display.

He went on to say that he wanted to clear up some doubt that had been cast by the media about the future of the desktop Mac. He said that Apple has some great desktops on their roadmap and that fans shouldn’t worry about lack of commitment.

He also said that the bringing software, services and hardware together was the secret ingredient of Apple and he gave the Apple Watch as a prime example of this. He then went on to brag about what Apple has in store for the future. However he did nothing more than tease as while he said that there was exciting things on the roadmap he also said that he couldn’t talk about them.