Apple Settles iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Debate With Numbers

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The debate about which phone is the best between the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be settled with numbers. According to data from Gartner global sales of phones came to 432million in the four quarter of 2016, which has been an increase of 7% when compared to the year before.

During quarter four of 2016 Apple went ahead of Samsung to take the title of the number one global smartphone vendor. During this period they sold around 77 million iPhone, which was a rise from 71.5 million the year before.

The growth meant that Apple has 17.9% of the smartphone market, which has been an increase of 2% year over year. The shipment of Samsung on the other hand fell from 83.4 million down to 76.7 million. This was a slide in the market shares from 20.7% to 17.8%.

It has taken Apple eight quarters to take back the number one global smartphone vendor rank, however the positions between them and Samsung is close as there is just 256,000 between them. The last time that Apple took the leader position was back in 2014 and the sales were helped by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The shares of Samsung have been down 2% year over year and shipments have been down around 14 million. Apple have seen the shares fall from 15.9% to 14.4% and their shipments were down 9 million.

Both Apple and Samsung have seen a loss in market shares thanks to Huawei and Oppo, both phone makers have seen an increase in shares year over year. Android OS takes the lead at 87.1%, which is down 1% year over year and iOS has kept its 17.9% and it is up by .2% when compared to the year previous.

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