Samsung Trolls Apple, Pays $1 Billion With 5 Truckloads Of Coins?

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There is a tale going around that Samsung have chosen not to appeal against their loss in the courts against Apple and instead just handed over the $1.05 billion pay out. While there has been no indication of just how they made the payment there is a story going around that they had 30 trucks deliver the cash in 5 cent pieces to the headquarters of Apple!

Rumor: Samsung pays Apple $1.05 Billion in nickels

To top the story off the PaperBlog said that the chairman of Samsung even gave a statement along the lines of; you can use coins to purchase refreshments or melt them down and make computers, we chose to pay Apple with 20 billion in coins.

Of course this takes some believing. While there is nothing to stop Samsung paying in this way if they chose, they are surely not going to roll over and give in without making appeals to the courts. However the story did give a lot of people a good laugh first thing this morning.

If Samsung however does have to make the payout, it would be interesting to see if they decide to pull a stunt along the lines of this. It’s free publicity after all.

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