Samsung Uncovers Exactly What Makes iPhone “Magical”, Gives Galaxy Series A Taste

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The folks over at CultOfMac wrote about how a smoking gun document which Apple put into evidence in the on-going court case over patents does not prove infringement on its own. However they say that the document is remarkable as it does prove something. That is that Samsung are really a big fan of Apple.

Apple vs Samsung

Fans of Apple and Samsung are constantly at war with each other. What it really boils down to is that Apple fans believe that the products of Apple feel better to use. Yet they cannot say what makes them feel the way they do. Could it be that the iPad is really magical as the founder and CEO Steve Jobs once said, which caused ridicule from fans of Android?

The fans of Android don’t understand the passion of Apple users, but then Apple users don’t understand why they feel the way they do about their devices. Samsung on the other hand knows just what that magic is.

Samsung and Apple, for anyone that isn’t following, have been in legal battles over patent infringement. Last week Apple brought in a 132 page internal Samsung document which was dated at March 2nd 2010. It shows a comparison of 100 functions on the iPhone in relation to the Samsung Galaxy S. Noted alongside each of these functions Samsung say something to the effect of “This feature is superb due to…..” It then goes on to say what directions Samsung should take for improvements to their functions on their handset.

The document is more of a list that shows that Samsung knows what makes the user interface of iOS so popular and magical. They were clearly impressed by things on the UI that Android fans would never give thought to or which they would dismiss as unimportant.

There are numerous features Samsung loved about iOS including the fact that if you press and hold down over any text you will get a magnifying glass to make it easier for cursor movement. Double tapping in Safari browser make the segment you touch fit perfectly on the screen which makes reading easier, and when entering a phone number when dialing the font reduces so that you can see the whole number. These are just a few of the many examples that were noted about the features.

While Android fans may never have given any of the above any thought, Samsung clearly did as they thought their software needed a lot of changes to match up to Apple and its iPhone and iPad. Apparently its all of the little things that all combine together that make iOS so magical and Samsung know that.

With all this “Apple magic” incorporated into the latest Samsung devices like the Galaxy S3 too, it will be interesting to see how the iPhone 5 stands against it when it launches.


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