Judge Asks Apple If They’re Smoking Crack, Samsung Wants $420m

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The trial between Samsung and Apple over patents continues in the courts but Samsung’s accountant, has said that Apple overstated the margins of Samsung which boosted the pay-out of Apple.

Apple vs Samsung trial

If the court case goes Apple’s way the profits in the US from April 2011 will have to be taken into consideration when looking at damages. This means that Apple would get around 12%, which would equate to $519 million.

An expert for Apple gave his testimony earlier in the trial and said that the profits of Samsung in the US were $8.16 billion over mid 2010 to March 2012. The profits they alleged were boosted by products which infringe on the patents of Apple designs and meant that Apple were owned around 35.5% of those profits which came to $2.5 billion.

However it appears that Apple didn’t give consideration to the marketing costs along with other costs of Samsung. Financial experts for Samsung have said that Apple should owe money to Samsung in the tune of $421.8 million for violating the patents of Samsung. Samsung are of course denying that they ripped of the designs of Apple when making their own smartphone.

The trial is winding down and with it come more details about a secret life Apple is leading. An expert for Samsung has said that Apple have paid patent royalties to the sum of $1.4 billion to at the least 90 companies. Another expert said that Apple have sold around $12.23 billion dollars’ worth of iPhones in the US since September of 2012 and iPads have sold in the region of $2.29 billion since April 2011.

Financial expert David Teece said that the patents of Samsung in the trial are worth around $399 million but he had to admit that there was no evidence of Samsung getting royalties from other companies for the patents.

The judge in the case has advised both Apple and Samsung to reach their own settlement as opposed to putting their fate in the hands of a jury. If they don’t, they will be deliberating next week. Samsung have left a low number in jurors’ minds as it can be hard for jurors to determine intellectual property law and assess damages.

On a more hilarious note, Judge Lucy Koh reacted to Apple’s offering of 22 rebuttal witnesses as ‘ridiculous’ in final days of trial, and even asked Apple’s lawyers if they were “smoking crack?”

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