Law Says Apple Must Apologize To Samsung In Big Arial Fonts

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Apple have lost their appeal in the high court based around the fact that they said that Samsung copied their iPad with the Galaxy Tab. Now they have to apologise to Samsung on their website. What is even better is that the judge has told them how they must make that apology.

Judge tells Apple conditions of printed apology to Samsung

Apple has to put a notice on their website and they have to do in Arial font in a size that is no smaller than 14pt. That’s right. This isn’t going to be your usual grey colored text stuffed at the bottom among copyright notices and general terms & conditions.

The judge in the case said that the Galaxy tablets and the iPad are not the same and those by Samsung are not as “cool” as the design from Apple. Basically the ruling is the tablets of Samsung are not the same design as those from Apple, which is what Apple were trying to make us and the judge believe. Therefore Samsung didn’t infringe on the rights of Apple.

Apple of course can still find a way to spin this given the coolness factor. They could write an apology admitting that they thought the Samsung Galaxy Tab was similar to the iPad but the jury said it wishes it was that cool. Or something along those lines.

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