Apple Refuses To Replace iPhone 6 Batteries

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Apple has been refusing to replace batteries on the iPhone 6 even though they have been replacing them on the iPhone 6S.

So why is Apple only offering a replacement of the battery on the iPhone 6S and not the iPhone 6? There are some people who are calling for a recall in much the same way as that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But the iPhone 6 doesn’t present a safety issue as the Note 7 did for Samsung so this isn’t going to happen.

Bear in mind that the iPhone 6 is nearly three years of age and so owners shouldn’t expect their battery to last forever as batteries do degrade over time. You can get a new battery installed for around $79 and this will make the device like new again.

While some owners say that the iPhones cost many hundreds of dollars and this means that Apple should guarantee them, they don’t offer a lifetime warranty and they shouldn’t. No phone maker does.

But what are your thoughts on the issue? Should Apple be offering battery replacements to the iPhone 6 along with the iPhone 6S as both are suffering from the same issue.

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