Apple Pushes MacBook Air Out The Door

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Apple is pushing the MacBook Air out the door this year as they have revealed that they are not going to offer up a new version this year.

The news comes from a supplier of Apple who said that their order sheet hasn’t got the MacBook Air on it. They then got in touch with Apple for confirmation and Apple said that the MacBook Air has been cut off.

The Apple MacBook Air has been one of the specialities of Apple and so the news did come as a big surprise. However the laptop has been struggling in sales as it doesn’t seem that many people are in the market to buy a new laptop right now.

People have turned their attention to tablets that offer up laptop like features, which includes the iPad Pro. The device has managed to get superb sales figures since its release and this of course has been affecting the sales of the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air offers basic performance along with function capabilities, which means that the iPad Pro is not going to have any issues in taking over from it once it has been terminated officially.

But will you be sad to see the Apple MacBook Air go?

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