Apple Promises To Fix Its Own iPhone 6s Plus Mess

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This Monday Apple sent out the third pre-release of the iOS 10 major update, iOS 10.3. Details of the beta version were not revealed but beta testers are hoping that the update is going to bring some fixes for the iPhone 6S mess.

Some testers have said that the pre-release iOS brings an issue to the battery of the iPhone 6S Plus as it causes the battery to drain down faster. One tester said that they had major issues with battery drain on the first two beta versions that were launched.

On Reddit one user said that the iOS 10.3 beta 3 also does the same thing. They said that that the iPhone 6S battery actually drains faster with the previous developer beta. Another said that they had the same issue with the iPhone 7.

The third beta release of iOS 3 is said to help improve the stability of the handset along with its responsiveness. We haven’t seen the release notes yet for the beta software but it has been suggested that there is improvements to CarPlay and Find My AirPods.

But are you hoping that the update is going to fix some of the issues with the iPhone 6S as Apple promised?