Apple Lawyers Bored, Sue Polish Bakery ‘’ Over Name

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It seems that either Apple have got “suing happy” or their lawyers have nothing to do now that they have finished arguing in court with lawyers of Samsung. Why do we say that? Apple is now taking a Polish online deli to court.

Apple sues Polish bakery over its domain name

Apple is suing the online Polish bakery over their name which happens to be “”. The PL part is Poland’s country wide domain. Apparently Apple has decided to sue due to the fact that the website name is very similar to Apple. Lawyers for Apple are saying that some people are getting confused when they go over to the website.

How anyone could mistake a bakery website for a technology website is beyond me. Surely they can tell the difference when entering, unless the bakery advertises the iPhone 5 or maybe Apple has started selling baguettes?

A Polish news site has said that the trial could spread out over many years before it would be resolved. What will take the Polish courts so long to thrown the ridiculous claim out no one knows.

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