Upcoming iPad Smart Cover Makes Current One Look Dumb [PICS]

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With so many rumors of an iPad mini flooding the blogosphere, those who just bought a New iPad ‘3’ may feel like they have been put on the sidelines by Apple well before the iPad 4 has been announced. Well that is far from the truth.

New iPad Smart Cover hinted in patent application

According to the a recently uncovered patent application with the USPTO, Apple is devising a new iPad Smart Cover that makes the current version seem ‘dumb’. The patent reveals that it was designed by Fletcher Rothkopf, the manager of product design at Apple. The patent called “Cover Attachment with Flexible Display,” reveals that the Smart Cover will function as a secondary screen, allowing you to see information even while it is closed. This means you could use it to see any notifications or other information you wish such as weather on it without opening the iPad.

It can also function as a secondary controller or even possibly a keyboard and drawing board in order to expand the real estate on your device. This of course is a big step up from the current Smart Cover for the iPad which is about the magnetic auto on/off function.

Since this is just a patent filing, there is no information on when Apple plans to make it available in stores. Here’s hoping it is sometime before holidays.

iPad Smart Cover patent

iPad Smart Cover patent


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