[BREAKING] Apple Has Motorola Androids Banned From Sale

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Apple has a victory in the courts again as on Thursday some Motorola tablets and smartphone were banned from sale over in Germany due an infringement of a patent reports PCWorld. The patent in question this time relates to the touchscreen.

Apple wins ban on Motorola Android devices in Germany

Apple sued Motorola which is owned by Google, saying that they had infringed on the “list scrolling, rotation of the touchscreen and scaling” patent. What this means to you and me is that the page on the device bounces back when you take it past its boundaries and it bounces back when you take your finger off the screen.

The devices that are said to have infringed on the patent include the Motorola Milestone XT720, the DEFY, Atrix and the XOOM. All of these handsets and tablet run on the Android platform. Motorola are not allowed to use the patent in Germany, which in effect, means a sales ban.

Apple could also ask to see the sales figures of the devices in Germany so damages can be worked out. They are also asking for a recall of the products that infringe on their patent from the distribution channel and want these devices destroyed. Every one of the demands of Apple was granted.

Motorola may choose to make changes to the software so as to work around the infringement, which is what Samsung did last year. However at the moment we don’t known what will happen next. Motorola were asked for a statement but as yet they have not replied.

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