Apple Sues For “Round Corners”, Now iPhone Users Can’t Find One

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When Apple revealed their latest iOS to the public it was met with praise. However since then criticism has grown about some of the features on the new iOS 6 build. Apple maps is one of the features and this was included when Apple decided to get rid of Google maps. Well it looks like Apple may have acted too soon in kicking out Google Maps as they really should have kept it on board and labeled theirs as beta.

iOS 6 Apple Maps app has left many iPhone users lost

At the moment there are not many people pleased with Apple maps. The maps app was supposed to be a replacement for Google maps, but it has run into serious problems. Apple are now relying on data from TomTom for their app and developers have said that while things worked on Google they were not working on the new Apple maps.

If you are located in the US then you may be able to get by on Apple Maps but if you are outside of North America then you are pretty much screwed. In the UK, you would be hardpressed to find a corner in London’s most famous streets. Heck, Apple Maps had mistaken a 32 acre farm for an airport. Hilarious and scary at the same time isn’t it?

Apple said that they were continually working on maps to improve it and the more people used it the better it would be as it was cloud based. Apple could have saved face if they had put the title of beta onto their new maps app don’t you think?

When Apple launched Siri there were problems. These included it not understanding accents of people and features being available only in certain regions. However Apple had said that it was in the beta stage and so they were saved from a lot of criticism. Maps of course is an essential service, not like Siri, and unhappy customers are now wishing that Apple had not replaced Google maps. Apple maps problems include distorted images, landmarks that have been misplaced or flattened and inaccuracies with location data.

So for now Apple have egg on their face and we can only wait and see what happens to it in the future. As for its biggest rival, Samsung, we can expect them to make fun of this in some way or other very soon. With having to pay Apple $1 billion due to patent infringements ranging from copying their “rounded corners” among other trade dress features, Samsung is unlikely to let this opportunity go by.

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