Apple MacBook Takes On Microsoft Surface Book: Could You Switch?

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Apple was said to have had a bad 2016 when the products they revealed to the market didn’t come with the great user experience. They had a hard time with the MacBooks, as they became one of the worst performers during 2016. This was down to the fact that it couldn’t offer anything that justified the huge price tag attached to it.

The MacBook Pro decline meant that many people moved over to the Microsoft Surface Pro as it came with a price tag that was smaller and it offered up more functionality. Switching was a chore of course as it meant that people had to learn the Microsoft system, when they were used to the Apple.

If you have tried the Microsoft Surface Pro you will know that the device works very well with iCloud, iTunes and iPhone devices. The gestures on the Surface are almost similar to those used on MacBooks.

The only issue with changing is a new layout of shortcuts along with extensions. If you have never used a Windows device before it is going to take some time to get used to these. But would you make the switch from the Apple MacBook to the Microsoft Surface Book?

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