Apple MacBook Pro: Did Skylake Miss The Party?

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The Apple MacBook Pro is coming to the market and it will be bringing Skylake with it but has it missed the party already?

In the first half of 2016 we are expecting Apple to launch the MacBook Pro at the WWDC in June. It is possible that we may see the MacBooks make their first appearance in March though and at the same time we could see the new Apple Watch and the iPhone 5SE at 4 inches.

The Apple MacBook Pro release should be timed with that of the move from the Intel Broadwell to the Skylake platform but has this come too late for people to care?

Skylake should mean that owners will be able to enjoy a device that offers 20% more power for processing and it should be more energy efficient to the tune of 30%.

With Skylake the entry level MacBook Pro should be boosted to 2.9GHz while the price tag could remain the same at about $1, 299.

We have also heard news that along with the Apple MacBook Pro we could be about to see a 13 inch version of the MacBook Air and it may come with upgrades along with a version of 11 inches coming our way.

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