Apple MacBook Pro 2016: Is Skylake Good Enough Or Too Late?

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During the first half of 2016 Microsoft is going to be revealing the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 but is Skylake going to be good enough or has it come too late?

It is thought that the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 will be coming our way at the WWDC in June 2016 and we have been told that the upgrades for 2016 will offer solid growth. We may see the debut of the new MacBooks in March at the earliest and it is possible that alongside them we could see the second gen Apple Watch along with the 4 inch iPhone 5SE.

The timing of the release of the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 will coincide with the move from Intel Broadwell onto the Skylake platform and this should mean that the device will have 20% more power for processing along with being around 30% more energy efficient.

Skylake would also allow Apple to boost the processor on the entry level Apple MacBook Pro 2016 to 2.9GHz without having to boost the price tag, so it may come in at about $1, 299.

Along with news about the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 there has also been news about a 13 inch MacBook Air and rumours have it that the device could arrive with an upgrade and an 11 inch version may be coming our way.