Apple MacBook Owners Should Stay Away From Google Pixel

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If you own the Apple MacBook you might want to avoid the Google Pixel phones like the plague. While the Pixel is among the best handsets on the market at the moment, it seems that it doesn’t play all that nicely with the MacBook as users cannot sync files.

It was thought that it was an issue with the USB cable that came with the Google Pixel at first. However some people have said that it is the Android Transfer Program from Google that is the real culprit.

This is supposed to be the bridge between the MacBook Pro and the Pixel and it hasn’t been given an update since 2012, so there are compatibility issues.

When using a different file transfer application with the Google Pixel and MacBook Pro it worked, so this does suggest that it could be the Google apps fault. So if you are having issues transferring files you might want to take a look at the HandShaker software as an alternative.

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