Apple MacBook Air Kicked Out, iPad Pro To Blame

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The Apple MacBook Air time might be over or at least that is what some of the reports are saying after one of the suppliers claim that Cupertino is not going to order anymore Apple MacBook Air from them.

According to the reports, the supplier initially thought that it was a mistake made by Apple. They contacted Apple to clear up the mistake but was told that the product has been discontinued. We do not know if this is true or not but if it is, that means it is the end for the Apple MacBook Air.

To be honest, we are not surprised if Apple does decide to end the Apple MacBook Air. The device is not selling well right now and it would make sense that Apple wants to stop producing it so that they can spend their time and effort on something better.

So what will they be working on next? Well, it is believed that Apple is now focusing on their new iPad Pro tablets. We know that Apple will be offering a few updated iPads this year and we have already seen what the 9.7inch Apple iPad will be offering.

It is believed that Apple will release two more iPad Pro this year. One of them will be the 12.9inch iPad Pro while the other will be the 10.5inch iPad Pro. Hopefully, we will hear more about these new tablets soon.

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