Apple MacBook Air Get Back In The Back By Ditching Old Display

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Compare to what the other MacBooks are offering right now, the Apple MacBook Air is definitely lagging behind but it looks like Apple will finally be doing something about it this year.

While Apple has not confirmed their plans for the Apple MacBook Air yet, some reports are claiming that the new MacBook that Apple is working on right now is the MacBook Air with a few important upgrades.

One of the upgrades is believed to be the Retina display to match what the other MacBooks has. If this happens, we can also expect to see the device come with small bezels as well as a smaller frame thanks to the slim down bezels.

There were speculations that we might see the butterfly keyboard or Touch Force trackpad but we are not sure if Apple is going to add it in or not since the new Apple MacBook Air will be sold as an affordable model.