Forget Apple iWatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Screenshots Leaked [PICS]

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Reports say that Samsung is set to launch a Galaxy Watch, while Apple is working on the iWatch.

At the moment there isn’t a lot known about the device, but it is thought to be coming out over the months to come. Now screenshots of the watch have leaked and they have led to speculation that Samsung will be making their way into the smart watch market. The images were seen on a Korean message board and the device has the name of the Galaxy Altius.

SamMobile have said that they don’t think that the images are authentic and the codename Altius is thought to be the codename of the Samsung Galaxy S4. SamMobile have also said that the user interface doesn’t match the UX guideline of Samsung and have also mentioned about the fact that Samsung do not use mirror effects on their branding.

The image shows that while the device has been called the Altius, the code actually says Altios. So we will just have to wait to find out more on what could be a potential threat to Apple’s iWatch.

Samsung Galaxy watch?

Samsung Galaxy watch?

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