[PICS] Did An Apple Engineer Walk Out With An iWatch?

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When dining in a Hollywood restaurant, the folks over at TheVerge spotted a diner wearing a smart watch. Being up on these devices it was established that it wasn’t the pebble, metawatch, Motoactv or I’mWatch.

Being able to identify the watch was even harder as the person wearing it was making attempts to keep it hidden from view. The silver casing only flashed briefly as he kept doing the “watch under crossed arm” thing. Of course one couldn’t be too intrusive, but TV did try to take a photo of it, but the restaurant was very dark.

There were some things that stuck out. These were the fact that the strap lugs were integrated, it was very thin, it was solid construction, overall diminutive dimensions, the bezels were thin and it looked as though it had just one button on the end of it. It looked svelte and thin and they kept thinking about reports of the micro SMD components and the RAM in the lightning to HDMI adapter, plus the fact that the watch could have the smallest guts ever to have been produced.

The watch was dimmed until the patron decided to activate the display, when a young boy kept asking what time it was. It was then that they noticed that the display was in a development heavy UI mode, small coloured text and nothing that shouted out App icon grid/App interface. In other words the watch wasn’t showing off a fancy watch face.

TV couldn’t really say with any certainty that this was theApple iWatch but it certainly didn’t seem to be anything they had ever seen before. The patron also took an Apple iPhone 5 from his pocket, so its unlikely that he got the watch from eBay. TV concluded that if Apple produced this then they would be very happy and also hinted that this could be an Apple staff member, possibly an engineer?

Is this the Apple iWatch?

Is this the Apple iWatch?

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