Apple: 3 Million iPod Touch 5G Sold, 200 Million iOS 6 Devices Now

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The official iPad Mini event is off to a great start right now. While we have Tim Cook on stage and a mystery device next to him hidden under a black cloth, there is no word yet on what Apple have to unveil today at the event in California.

Instead the Apple CEO is running through some of the impressive figures Apple has acheived, in particular with their new devices. Tim Cook states that at this moment, over 200 million devices have updated to iOS 6. So it looks like reports were true that the Apple Maps debacle wouldn’t stop users from upgrading.

Another interesting figure is iPod touch 5G sales. TheVerge reports Tim Cook as quoting 3 million iPod sales. Other interesting figures include over 700,000 apps in the App Store at the moment and this other tid bit that we already knew – 5 million iPhone 5 sales on opening weekend!

Tim Cook is now talking about a possible New Mac so we will keep you updates as more comes out. Stay tuned folks we’re here all day!

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