Apple iPhone X: Taking Matters Into Your Own Hand

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With Apple announcing the new repair price list of their iPhone devices, iPhone X users should expect to spend a lot more this time if their smartphone breaks down but it looks like you can also take matters into your own hands if you are brave enough.

iFixit has released the scores for the new Apple iPhone X and according to them, the new smartphone has a repairability score of 6. That puts the new Apple iPhone X above some of their rivals like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

iFixit also showed how easy it was to take away the iPhone X and gain access to some of the other parts in the device. Of course, there is always the risk of damaging other parts of the device if you try to fix it on your own but at least it is an option.

You can check out iFixit’s website to see how the iPhone X looks like on the inside.

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