Apple iPhone X: Slow Start Predicted

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With what Apple will have to offer on the new Apple iPhone X, there is no way the device is not going to get the attention it needs when it arrives later this year but with all the issues they have been having with the production, a lot of people have predicted that it is going to be a slow start for the iPhone X.

That is not because nobody wants one but there are not going to be enough for everybody. It has just been reported that Foxconn has started shipping the device out and according to the report, they only shipped 46,500 units of the device.

Foxconn is expected to produce up to 400,000 units of the Apple iPhone X when the time comes but for now, things are certainly starting out slow. Pre-orders for the device will be starting on the 27th of October and we would advise you to act fast if you plan to be one of the very few to own the device when it is released.

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