Apple iPhone X: How Early Is Early?

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Apple reassured fans that if they did not get the Apple iPhone X when it was released for pre-orders, they can always go to their store and get it on the 3rd of November. They also advise their fans to go arrive early but when it comes to Apple, how early is early?

We have heard stories of people waiting in line days before the device was released and it would not surprise us if the same thing happens this time. Since this would be one of the biggest updates Apple has given their fans in a long time.

Some people think that with such a huge price tag, the fans would not be so crazy over the device but we think the price alone won’t be enough to deter most of the Apple fans.

It is believed that Apple will have a limited supply of Apple iPhone X when they released it next month because the production plant is having a hard time with the new Face ID cameras

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