Apple iPhone SE Deal Should Make It Cheap Enough

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The iPhone SE comes in with a price tag of $400 and this isn’t bad for a device from Apple. There really isn’t another device of 4 inches on the market that packs as much punch as the SE and basically it offers all of the performance that the iPhone 6S offers.

About the only downside to the Apple iPhone SE is the lack of storage. 16GB isn’t very much in the world of phones today. Of course you can put your photos on Apples cloud storage or Googles, but you still have to clear space every so often.

But a recent deal has made the Apple iPhone SE a good purchase, despite its lack of storage. You can get the iPhone SE with Best Buy with a saving of $100, so you can now get it for $300. There is even better news as you can also get the 64GB version with savings and now the price tag is just $350, cheaper than the original price tag of the 16GB version.

There is one catch and this is that you can only get the iPhone SE for that price if you go with a plan on Sprint, AT&T or Verizon, you can’t get it on T-Mobile.

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