The iPhone Smells More Like Pineapples Than An Apple

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The Chinese internet is alight with debate over the pineapple smell coming from the headphone jack of the iPhone when it’s charging. A thread on a popular Japanese message board kicked it all off and the news has spread to SINA Weibo, China’s most popular micro-blogging platform.

iPhone emits strange pineapple scents when charging

The Weibo thread has been retweeted more than 30,000 times as Chinese Apple fans chimed in. Some users claimed to smell a similar scent coming from a volume buttons, and some Taiwanese iPhone users have sniffed out peaches, mangoes and even, appropriately enough, apples!

Industry experts have explained that this fruity smell is from the organic solvents used to clean circuit boards. When the phone is charged it heats up, evaporating the residues of the solvents. A customer service rep from China Apple has said he’s not sure why there’s a pineapple smell from the phone, but suggested that it may come from the electronic components.

No-one’s sure if the smell is harmful to people, but the rep suggested that people don’t develop a habit! Obviously this story has taken hold very quickly, especially as there are a lot of Apple fans in China now.

We are, though, quite sure that Foxconn workers aren’t eating pineapple ice cream sandwiches when they put the iPhones together.

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