Apple iPhone 8 Won’t Sacrifice Display For Front Camera

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There are a lot of rumours and speculation about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 and one previous rumour suggest that the Apple iPhone 8 might come with a new display with a small cutout on the top.

The leak images showed Apple sacrificing some of the display so that they can fit their front camera on the top. Of course, nobody knew whether the image was real or not but a new leak image seems to suggest that the previous leak could be a fake.

According to Forbes, a new leak from the supply chain suggest that the display will not come with a cutout. On top of that, it was reported that Apple might be thinking about moving the notifications to the bottom. The new area will be called the Function Area and it will work almost like the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro.

Details like the battery life and signal strength will still be displayed on the top.

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