Apple iPhone 8 Will Make Do With Even Less Wire

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A lot of people were surprised when Apple announced that they are looking to free their users from the constraint of headphone wires. While a lot of people made fun of Apple in the beginning, they eventually accepted it and now Apple is looking to takes things a little further by allowing their users to charge without a wire.

Rumors about Apple offering the wireless charging feature has been going on for some time but so far, Apple has not confirmed anything yet. A new photo in SlashLeaks seems to show what looks like a module with inductive wireless charging coil. There also seems to be a Lightning port leading fans to think that this might be the real deal.

Of course, wireless charging is not something new, in fact, Apple is pretty late to the party but it is still nice to see Apple actually trying to give their fans something they have been asking for all these years.

It is believed that Apple will only be showing off the new Apple iPhone 8 in September this year.

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