Apple iPhone 8 Will Know When To Sound The Alarm

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As we inch our way closer to the unveiling of the APple iPhone 8, more and more details are being released. The latest information comes from Guilerme Rambo who reveal that the Apple iPhone 8 might go silent when you stare at it.

According to the developer, the codes in the leaked HomePod software suggest that the Apple iPhone 8 might use its facial recognition feature to detect you face and silent the colume of the notification when it notice that you are looking since there is no need to sound the notification when you are already aware of it.

While that is an interesting find, we will have to wait and see if Apple will really offer it. Just because the code is there for a certain feature does not mean that Apple will be offering it for sure.

Some people were not to happy with the design direction that Apple choose to go with the new display but tehy might forgive them if Apple continues to offer new features like this.

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