Apple iPhone 8 Timeline Figured Out

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We know now that Apple will be announcing the Apple iPhone 8 on the 12th of September along with the other Apple iPhone but it looks like some people think that they have already figured out the rest of iPhone’s schedule.

According to some reports, after the 12th of September announcement, Apple will be opening up their pre-order books for the Apple iPhone 8 and the other iPhone models. The devices will go on sale on the 22nd of September or at least that is what the rumors are suggesting.

New leaked images showed that Foxconn might already be preparing to ship the iPhones into the US which means Apple might be more prepared to the huge demand this time around. Apple has been criticized for failing to estimate the demands of their iPhone in the past.

Some reports also suggest that the Apple iPhone 8 might be the Apple iPhone 7 successor while the new and more advanced iPhone will be called the iPhone X.