Apple iPhone 8: The Beans Have Been Spilled

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Usually, Apple is really good at keeping their devices a secret until they are ready to take off the cover but they really messed it up with the Apple iPhone 8 thanks to the leaked HomePod software.

New information about the Apple iPhone 8 is flowing in and there is nothing they can do about it. New reports now claim that the software reveals that the home button of the Apple iPhone 8 will now come with a few functions.

According to Steven Troughton-Smith, the button can now be resized. He also added that the indicator can now be hidden and that the tab bars extend under it. As for whether it can change its colour, the answer right now is no as it does not look like the button will have an API that would allow developers to have more control over it.

We are expecting to learn more about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 as developers continue to dig into the leaked software.

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