Apple iPhone 8 Submits To Galaxy Note 7 Charm

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When the iPhone 8 comes our way it is going to change the line-up and it’s about time as they are typically a bit slow when it comes to making upgrades. We have seen three generations of the iPhone that have come with virtually no upgrades and Apple has chosen to stick with the IPS LCD display.

One of the biggest moves with the iPhone was when it became larger so that it could compete in the world of phablets. A dual camera then arrived on the scene and then Apple chose to go with the quad core processor by way of the A10 fusion. All of these upgrades were needed in order for the company to remain competitive.

So what can we expect to see with the iPhone 8? Well it has been said that it could arrive with the Apple Pencil. We have seen a patent that seems to show the features that the phone maker may bring to the new iPhone. It has been said that it will open up a special menu when the pencil is moved closer to the display.

But what are you hoping to see with the arrival of the iPhone 8?

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