Apple iPhone 8 Plus: Major Problem Ahead

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So far, everybody seems to be pretty happy with what Apple has to offer on their new Apple iPhone 8 but it looks like smartphone manufacturer might have a tough road ahead.

A report from Taiwan claims that the new Apple iPhone 8 will split open when it charges. The smartphone in question is the Gold Apple iPhone 8 Plus with 64GB of internal space.

The user claims that she has the device for five days before it happens and that she used the Lightning cable provided by Apple to charge her new Apple iPhone 8 Plus. According to the report, the front panel started bulging up after 3 minutes of charging.

This is not the only report. A Japanese user also reported that her front glass panel was disconnected from the aluminum frame when she took it out of the box. We are all hoping that these are just isolated cases and that it is not going to become a full flash issue like the Note 7.

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