Apple iPhone 8 New Design Won’t Sit Well With Fans

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We are still waiting for Apple to reveal more details about the Apple iPhone 8 but we know that Apple will ensure that everything is kept tightly under the lid before the time comes. However, new rumours now suggest that one of the most speculated upgrades might not be happening on the iPhone 8 after all.

Previously, it was reported that the Apple iPhone 8 might be coming with its fingerprint sensor integrated into the display screen but the new leaked image of the chassis suggest that Apple might be facing the same problem as Samsung.

We know that Samsung also tried to do it with their S8 but they ended up fitting the sensor in the back. Well, the new image suggests that Apple will be doing the same with the iPhone 8 as there is clearly a spot for the fingerprint sensor in the back.

Of course, we don’t know if this leaked image is the real deal or not so that it all with a pinch of salt.

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