Apple iPhone 8 Is A Tough Cookie

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While the Apple iPhones has always been known for its camera capabilities and performance, they were never known for being tough and durable but it does look like Apple did work to step up their durability game this time.

The new Apple iPhone 8 was put to the test by JeeryRigEverything and unlike the last few iPhones, the new Apple iPhone 8 actually did hold up pretty well. The glass held up to level 6 in the scratch test.

The channel also put the iPhone 8 through the bend test, a test that the previous iPhones failed miserably but unlike the other iPhone, the iPhone 8 held on did not give in at all.

That, on top of everything the iPhone 8 has to offer in terms of specs and feature makes the device one of the most desirable smartphones out there but of course, a lot of people are still holding out for the iPhone x.

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