Apple iPhone 8: Apple Won’t Go That Far Yet

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There have been a fair amount of Apple iPhone 8 rumors and people just can’t seem to make up their mind on what they think Apple will be offering this year.

When it all started, it was reported that will release their device with an OLED display this year. It was later rumored that the display will only be seen on one of the three iPhones that we will be seeing this year and that the new the full OLED lineup will only be happening next year.

The Apple iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will come with the standard display this year while the top model, the Apple iPhpne 8 will come with the new OLED display. Although initial rumors suggest that it will come with a curved display, recent speculation suggests that Apple is not ready for that yet.

The Investor reported that Apple has also made a deal with Samsung to have 180million OLED display next year which means the huge OLED upgrade might only happen in 2019. It was also reported that there is going to be two iPhone models next year so it looks like Apple will go back to their same old formula once they get the iPhone 8 out of the way.

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