Apple iPhone 7 Will Speed Things Up For Users

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There are more than a few rumors about the Apple iPhone 7 but the latest one suggests that the Apple iPhone 7 might be able to offer their users a faster wireless speed.

The rumors started after it was reported that Intel might have secured themselves 40% of LTE chips supply for the Apple iPhone 7. It is suggested that with the new LTE chip from Intel, the Apple iPhone 7 will be able to offer about 450Mbps of download speed and 100Mbps of upload speed.

The current iPhone 6s only offers about 300Mbps of download speed. It is believed that Apple is looking to reduce their reliance on Qualcomm by using the Intel chips and while we do not think they will be cutting Qualcomm off anytime soon, these rumors does suggest that Apple might be working on a new A-series chip that will allow them to offer their customers a faster wireless speed connection.

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