Apple iPhone 7 Black: Is There Really A Purpose To The Handset?

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A black iPhone hasn’t been offered for some time and this explains why Apple fans got so excited when the company announced that the Apple iPhone 7 was being launched in black. But then is there really a purpose to the black version as you are not going to be able to show it off.

The casing of the black version of the Apple iPhone 7 is said to be more prone to receiving scratches that the white version. Due to this you are going to have to protect it with a case so that it doesn’t get scratched. This means that no one can see the black color of the device.

You could get a clear case of course to cover up the Apple iPhone 7 in black and still see it. However if Apple warns that the black version does suffer more from being scratched why would they launch it?

Would you buy the Apple iPhone 7 in black and then cover it up?

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