Apple iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 & iPad Pro 2: What To Expect From Apple in 2016?

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2015 has been a great year for Apple. The updated Apple iPhone 6s was a success. They also release the new Apple iPad Pro. So what can we expect to see from Apple in 2016?

We will, of course, hear about the Apple iPhone 7. While the iPhone 6s did come in with some interesting new tech like the new 3D touch display based on the force touch tech on their MacBook, there was still some other tech that Apple users seems to be missing out on like wireless charging. Other also predicted that Apple will remove the 16GB option when the iPhone 7 arrives as well.

Apple made a big splash when they release the new Apple Watch but looking at what it had to offer, there was definitely space for improvement and many believe that the improve Apple Watch will be released next year.

With the release of the new iPad Pro, some said that we will be seeing a new version of the iPad Pro before 2016 ends. What else are you expecting to see from Apple?

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