Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Lost A Color

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All eyes are on the new Apple iPhone X and the Apple iPhone 8 now so much so that people did not even notice that Apple killed off one of the Apple iPhone 7 color.

To spice things up a few months ago, Apple released a new Red Apple iPhone 7 and while a lot of people loved the color, the red model did not just fly off the shelf. At that point, a lot of people were already getting ready for the new iPhone.

Now that the new iPhones are here, Apple has decided to kill off the red model. Fans were hoping that with APple releasing a Red version of the iPhone, they would also do the same when the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X arrives but seeing as they took it off after a few months, we might not see the color being offered for the newer devices at all.

Apple is known for being rather conservative when it comes to their color options. Fans were hoping that Apple had a change of heart earlier this year but with the new smartphones being offered with only three color options, we best not get our hopes up.

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