Apple iPhone 6s Problem Not As Small As They Would Like Us To Believe

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Soon after it was reported that the Apple iPhone 6s might have a battery issue, Apple quickly stood out to admit their mistake and agreed to fix the issue for their Apple iPhone 6s users. It did felt like it was just a small issue and that Apple got it all under control but according to Blancco, things are not as bright and sunny as Apple would have us believe.

The company reported that the Apple iPhone 6s actually has a failure rate of 62%. In comparison, the Android failure rate is only at 47%. They added that the numbers have been going up as users not only have to deal with the battery issue but also issues with the apps crashing.

Of course, since Blancco would benefit from numbers like that, we would advise you to take it with a pinch of salt.

While Apple has been working hard to get the iPhone 6s issue fixed, it seems like they plan to ignore the Apple iPhone 6 even though the iPhone 6 users reported having the same issue.

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