Apple iPhone 6s Issue Looks Similar To Galaxy Note 7

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The Apple iPhone 6S is having issues that is very similar to those that owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 suffered.

Owners of the iPhone 6S have been suffering from battery issues and this time around it is rapid battery drains that switch the device off even when it has 50% battery life left. It is clear that Apple has an issue with the iPhone 6S and even when sending out updates it has been something that Apple hasn’t been able to fix.

Apple has now recalled a number of iPhone 6S handsets trying to fix the issue. This means that they are following the same path as Apple did with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Apple isn’t going to want to replicate the same mistake that Samsung did with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of course as the mistake did cost Samsung a lot of money and possibly customers.

There is little doubt that Apple will be doing their best to avoid a battery life crisis with the iPhone 6S before releasing a new device.

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  1. Phil

    February 17, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    The iPhone 6S stops working early. The Galaxy Note 7 explodes. Yes, both problems involve the battery, but in what reality can these issues be called “similar”?