Apple iPhone 6s: From Riches To Rags

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The Apple iPhone 6s was one of the best-selling iPhones when it was first released as it was often described as one of the best model that Apple has ever offer but the device went from being the most wanted iPhone to being the iPhone that nobody wants as users started reporting about the battery issue that they have been experiencing.

Apple users thought that they were safe from all the battery drama but that was not true. Some iPhone 6s start reporting about an issue that their iPhone 6s seems to be having and Apple soon stepped forward to acknowledge that there is an issue with the iPhone 6s although they insisted that it was not a safety issue.

Apple later provided their customers with a solution and everything seems to have quiet down but that was before Blancco reveal that there might be more to worry about. According to the company, the Apple iPhone 6s has a failure rate of 64%.
Android smartphones only have a failure rate of 47% so that is pretty bad for the iPhone 6s. It seems like besides all the issue with the battery, some users were also experiencing some app crashing issues with the Apple iPhone 6s.

However, the fact that Blancco would benefit from a report like this had some fans wondering if the findings are reliable or not.

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