Will Apple Wing It With An iPhone 5S Or Deliver A Revolutionary 6?

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there has been many rumours going around about what Apple may reveal this year with their Apple iPhone refresh. Many people say that the company may release two iPhones this year and there has been a lot of debate as what the two handsets may be.

There is a rumour going around that Apple could be about to release their first low cost device, which will have a plastic exterior with a back that is curved, very similar to the previous Apple iPods. While it is a less expensive handset, it could cause issues for Apple as they may struggle to make an impression with it, if the handset has a design that is older than the current device on the market. Competitors could also make life hard for Apple, if they reveal an “S” upgrade to their handset i.e. iPhone 5S instead of an iPhone 6.

There has been rumours going around of an iPhone prototype with a 4.8 inch display, but this doesn’t seem very likely. However this hasn’t stopped analysts from saying that Apple are losing out on sales due to customers going for displays with larger displays. However in the US Strategy Analytics said that Apple did beat rivals Samsung to take the title of the number one phone maker during Q4 of 2012. But will people want a larger display with the next generation Apple iPhone or will they be satisfied with a refresh from Apple.

If you look back at “S” upgrades to Apple iPhones you will see that they include just a few upgrades. These have included a faster processor, a camera that has been improved, faster CPU and updates to software. The Apple iPhone 3GS came with a better camera of 3 megapixels, which had autofocus and video recording, along with a better processor and apps which included voice control, a compass and Voice Over. The Apple iPhone 4S has the dual core A5 chip, a camera of 8 megapixels and Siri. So we can guess what features might be seen with the Apple iPhone 5S as compared to an iPhone 6. But would this be enough to fight off the 5 inch competition from Android?

Apple has remained with the same design when they have released an “S” device. They could alter this and change their ways if they were to introduce a range of colours to an “S” upgrade, similar to the Apple iPods.

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