Apple iPhone 6 Plus Could Really Hurt People

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Owners of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus have been very interested in a video that has been going around showing what is said to be the device exploding when it was in a repair shop in Queensland.

The customer said that he took the iPhone 6 Plus to the repair shop to get the display fixed and he said that the phone wouldn’t charge. He then said that it exploded in his hand. The video in question seemed to show the battery exploded after overheating and the man flinches, then drops the handset and it starts sending out black smoke into the shop.

The store aid that the exploding iPhone 6 Plus blew the display clean off the device and the shop had to be evacuated and then closed for the remainder of the day as there was lingering fumes.

They said that the customer picked up the device and put a regular amount of pressure on the screen of the handset and it then started shooting out smoke. The security cameras captured the moment that the customer dropped the handset and backed away.

So it looks like the iPhone 6 Plus could really hurt owners.

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