iPhone 6 & iOS 7 To Bring Back Magic That Apple Had Lost (Prediction)

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2013 could be the year when Apple get back to where they once were and the magic return. This is our predictions for the Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7.

iPhone 6 & iOS 7 will be “magical”

There are some people that still insist that Apple is doing ok and there isn’t anything that needs fixing. On the other iOS looks almost indentical to what we saw when it was first launched five years ago. Even the design of the hardware, the iPhone 5, looks very similar to the iPhone 4 from two years ago.

No one knows for sure that Apple is working on a iOS design. However Jony Ive is now at the head of the team and everyone knows that he has a keen eye for aesthetics. A new iOS UI could provide us with what everyone has been waiting for.

PhoneDog had some ideas of just what changes iOS 7 could bring about. He said that the Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7 might have icons that were animated and which gave dynamic information. This could pop up whenever an icon was touched. It would give iOS 7 a new look and interactivity, something that might be needed after seeing rivals like Android and Windows Phone 8 continue to expand in this area (widgets & Live Tiles).

Of course, it could be classed as copying Android; however Cupertino would work on it to ensure that it had Apple’s magic touch to make it its own.

Everyone is looking towards WWDC in June now for the Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7. It is thought that Apple may bring in a new naming structure, which was seen with their New iPad. So we may see a New iPhone instead of an iPhone 5S or 6.

There are some fans of Apple that may not like the changes; however they did welcome a larger display without any fuss, so they may have resigned themselves to changing with the times. iOS 6 has been a good OS, however there could be room for some improvements.

Apple has always said that NFC isn’t needed, along with external storage, massive batteries and wireless charging. Apple may want to take notice of what fans want and stop dictating to them what they should want instead. A lot of people do want features such as these, those that don’t will just not use them. As Apple has always enjoyed large profits, it cannot be cost that holds them back in making the iPhone more feature rich than its rivals.

We want a totally revamped iOS 7 along with a new design. Apple will also have to keep an eye on their competition, which is evolving very fast. Cupertino need to pull their socks up if they want to catch up in the smartphone market race and get back the magic they have since lost.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was dubbed 2012’s best seller. Additionally, it was just this week that Consumer Reports dubbed the iPhone 5 the worst of the top smartphones. Apple will need to shake things up if it wants to get its groove back, otherwise it may appear stagnant due to rivals taking bigger steps.

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