Apple iPhone 6, 6s Blamed For Stealing Buyers From iPhone 7

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It looks like the Apple iPhone 7 sales have been down due to it taking on its own brother the iPhone 7. While the handset was received well by critics, it wasn’t good enough for people to make the upgrade.

Analysts have said that the iPhone 6 and 6S could have been the downfall of the iPhone 7 during the holiday period of 2016 and the results may affect the overall quarter results.

The iPhone 7 may not have impressed people as much as Apple might have wanted it too and get people to upgrade from the iPhone 6. This may be a worry for Apple as the iPhone 7 did come with a fancy camera and it was water resistant. As buyers didn’t go for it, it may be that they are waiting to find out what the iPhone 8 brings with it.

The design of the iPhone 7 had been criticized for being almost the same as the iPhone 6 and 6S and this was the first time that an S design wasn’t followed by a brand new body style. Something which Apple may have now come to regret.

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